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Can CBD Help with ADHD?

As research continues into how cannabidiol (CBD) oil helps with relieving anxiety, the focus has also shifted towards its effects on another disorder that affects millions of people: attention hyper deficit disorder, better known by its ADHD acronym.

We’ve previously established what CBD is, where it comes from, and the fact that it is free of THC and therefore not psychoactive. Though evidence is increasingly leaning towards its benefits in helping with anxiety (a common ADHD symptom), there has yet to be any result showing CBD can be used to treat ADHD.

Despite the fact that no concrete evidence exists, people living with ADHD have decided to experiment with it. A doctor at Duke University stated one of his patients took it upon herself to twice try CBD without informing the doctor of her intentions. The woman stated that although she didn’t feel anything different after taking CBD, she also didn’t experience any adverse effects.

While most others that have tried CBD have also shown no significant effects from CBD, there are those that claim taking CBD helped them feel “less manic” or they were better able to relax.

Only time will tell whether CBD does indeed help with ADHD. Regardless of if it is or isn’t right for you, always follow your doctor’s orders before taking anything.

To read more, visit https://www.additudemag.com/cbd-oil-adhd-symptoms-natural-treatment/.

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