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CBD May Help with Treating Psychosis

Mental illness is something many of us have dealt with or know someone who has. As research continues into fighting the debilitating effects of these illnesses, cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating marijuana compound may prove useful in fighting a common mental condition: psychosis. A recent brain study suggests CBD may assist with reducing its symptoms by “resetting” certain parts of brain activity.

While it’s frequently referred to as a single condition, psychosis is the collective term for other disorders involving being detached from reality, such as seeing things that aren’t there. While the precise causes of psychosis have yet to be discovered, it’s believed that factors such as trauma, stress, substance abuse, and sleep deprivation may cause episodes.

The brain study involved a small group of fewer than forty participants. Half of the group was given a small dose of CBD while the other received a placebo. Each participant was then required to complete a task involving memory aimed at engaging three areas of the brain that are linked to psychosis, one of these being the medial temporal cortex. The brains of those given the dosage of CBD showed less severe abnormalities than the brains of those who were given the placebo, possibly suggesting that the compound was causing abnormal activity in the three brain areas to “reset”.

You can read more about the study at the following link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/daviddisalvo/2018/08/31/study-cbd-from-marijuana-may-reset-the-brain-to-counteract-symptoms-of-psychosis/#1133a5076a36.

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